Get her to the Greek!

I don’t usually get out of my comfort zone often, probably because I don’t really have a “comfort zone.” Everyday something “different” happens with me. Perhaps that’s why I want to be a journalist. There is no way a desk job would suit me. Either way, I stepped out of what I would consider my only comfort zone and traveled to Greece yesterday. The country is BEAUTIFUL. I’m with a study abroad program called Global LEAD and we’re spending the next five weeks in Athens, Santorini and Crete. It’s awesome here. The beach is right in front of our hotel and we can walk to an H&M! Both of these accesses are extremely dangerous for me and there is a chance that I will be broke by Friday. I overcame my secret fear of flying to come here. I figured if I could do that, I could do anything.


I think the main thing I will have to get used to in this entire thing is the fact that I am the only black person on the trip. I find it rather humorous that the locals stare at me… HARD! Last night a group of us went to this amazing restaurant called Dorsia and a few tables away there were two older men sitting down and the entire time they were there they stared at me. I expected it because I read about how they will stare at travelers in general often, so if Americans get stared at, just imagine how they stare at African Americans. Either way, I’ll embrace it like I do most things in life! wine

Of all of the things we’re going to be doing in Greece I’m most excited about the food. I had a real gyro today from this restaurant called Pita Bar for 1 EURO and it was AH-MAZING!  I will never like Hooligans, a Mediterranean restaurant back at home, again. I also enjoyed the authentic yogurt for breakfast. Last night at our dinner we asked our waiter about the night life in Greece. He said “Why are you all trying to go out so early? It’s only 9:00. We don’t go out until 12:00 or 1:00 here.” I was a little excited to hear that. It gives me an opportunity to take a nap before I go out :). This is only my first full 24 hours here. I can’t wait to see what this beautiful country has to offer me.  gyro (By the way, they make the pita FRESH and had just made it when we got there! And they put the “french fries” on the gyro.)



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